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The collaboration2 between two artists raises questions relating to our understanding of artistic identity. The (collective) label matthews & allen, et al, suggests the abandonment displacement of individual ‘identity’. and constructs what Ulay and Abramovic refer to as the third hand. This is essentially a third ‘identity’ that is greater than the sum of its parts.

matthews & allen's, et al, practice, formalized in 2008, centres on interaction in the public realm, appropriating contemporary modes of communication that may be perceived as informing (or dictating) our understanding of 'identity’ ‘meaning’ in a social context.

The ‘performance’ ‘identityies’ of matthews & allen, et al, parodiesy the complexity and autocracy ambiguity of ‘the self/individual’ ‘meaning’ authorial voice within contemporary society culture.   matthews & allen intervene physically and intellectually with established cultural codes and practices in order to explore attitudes towards artistic preconceptions and social interaction.

1matthews and allen are collaborative artists. Their practice is one of critical disruption, performance writing and a ludic approach to language. matthews and allen is the name given to the collaboration between Helen Matthews and Marilyn Allen.

2Horse costume

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